Christmas order deadline is November 30! Orders placed after this date may or may not arrive in time for Christmas.

Christmas Countdown Gnome
Christmas Countdown Gnome
Christmas Countdown Gnome

Christmas Countdown Gnome

Willow Hill Designs
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Are you getting ready to countdown for Christmas?  It's coming soon!  Now available is our Christmas Countdown Gnome, ready with his present to countdown to that special day!  

18" Pallet Round with special 'window'. 
1-24" Numbered Disc. 
Santa Gnome.
"Christmas Countdown" lettering. 

Installation instructions:  Once your design is entirely painted, it's time to assemble!  On the back of the Pallet Round, there will be a small hole - indicating where to place your screw to attach your countdown disc!  Set your numbered disc so you can see the numbers through the hole on the front, and then secure the disc with the included screw!  The disc will slightly stick out from the side of the round so you can easily turn the disc without needing to remove your design from your display! Easy Peasy!


finished photos from White Wall Wood, Whitecourt AB.