Framed Sign Blanks - MDF Backers



** Notice on Turnaround Time **
Due to the time consuming nature of these frames, we will now be completing them in monthly 'batches'.  If you would like to place a larger quantity order, please check with us on approximate turnaround time. 



NOW AVAILABLE - With MDF Backer.  Perfect for painting, with a smooth grain free surface


These Rustic framed sign blanks are perfect for workshops, DIY'ers and anyone else that would like to make a custom sign!  Sign backers are easily removable so you can paint your backer and frame separately, and able to reassemble with ease!  Perfect for double sided seasonal signs!* Most sizes are available plain or with pallet lines.  

Frames are assembled as tightly as possibly, however some shrinkage in the mitred corners is to be expected.  

Wholesale pricing available upon request.  Larger / Custom signs available as well, however shipping may not be guaranteed for certain sizes.  Please contact us to order. 

Backers are made from 1/2" MDF.  Frames are made from Pine, glued and nailed together in one piece.  All pieces are sanded and ready for paint/stain.  Pallet lines are only available on one side. 

** Hanging Hardware Not Included

*** Sizing:  Sizes listed are for the actual sign backer, but as part of it is hidden by the frame you lose a bit of the visual dimensions.  For example, the inside dimension on our 18x18" signs is 17.25", but the outside of the frame is 19x19".  All framed signs are hand built, so dimensions could vary by 0.25" on each sign.