Display Stands



These display stands are perfect for home, business or even tradeshows!  Available in corner sections or straight sections, you can mix, match and combine for a custom layout!  

Corner Section: 
- bottom shelf  ~18 x 18" 
- middle shelf  ~15 x 15"
- top shelf  ~12 x 12" 
-~ 3.5" rise between shelves
- overall height ~13" 

Straight Section:  
- 16" width
- approx 3.5" rise between shelves
- overall height ~13"

Shelf comes unassembled and slips together for display!

*Note* - These are for lightweight display only.  Please don't fill it with bricks or grandma's expensive crystal figurines. 

To fill a 6 foot table, you can use two corner shelves and 2 straight shelves!  (or even one straight one in the middle!)