Custom Cut Names



Are you decorating your home? Nursery? Children's Room? These custom cut names are a perfect addition to any corner of your home.  (we have several in our own!).  These make fantastic gifts for any birthday, wedding, anniversary or "just because".  This is just a selection of the dozens of font choices we have available - and we will work with you on each design to come up with the custom design of your choice!  

Send us a message with the name of your choosing, and we will sent a bunch of samples for you to choose from - and we can tweak them until you get it right!  :) 

Heights vary depending on font/layout, so each design is based on design width.  

Custom sizes/designs available upon request.  Designs are UNFINISHED, but ready for paint/stain.  Paint/Supplies/Hanging Hardware not included.

Custom cut names are NOT eligible for wholesale/bulk discounts.