Christmas Sleighs



It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Decorating for Christmas is such a special feeling!  The lights, the tinsel, the village, the cookies, the tree....the list goes on and on!  But nothing beats painting your own special Christmas Sleigh that you can display in your home from year to year!  Creating your own Christmas Decoration and proudly displaying it in your home.... it fills your heart!  

Available in two different sizes!  (Height is measured based on overall ski length)  

Small: 24" tall by 10" wide x 2.25" high

Large: 36" tall by 15" wide x 3.25" high

These sleighs are SUPER easy to assemble!  No hardware, tools or nails required!  Each sleigh is made with keyhole slots in the back that easily slides into screws already attached to the skis. Easy peasy! 

For your best shipping rate: 12 small sleighs OR 8 large sleighs. 

** NOTE ** The screws may need to be adjusted up or down for a tighter/looser fit!  

Finished photos: From Country Bliss in Boyle, AB

Navy Small Sleigh Photo:  From Mason Jar Studio, Terrace BC. 

assembly Video: