Hanging Planter



Are you a plant lover?  Is your house filled with tropicals, ferns or palms?  Well then you will LOVE our new plant hanger!  Available in several different sizes for you to create your own hanging plant heaven.  

Each planter slips together, and is secured with a centre ring that pressure fits down to hold the cross pieces together snugly.  Add a jar, or small pot to the centre, and enjoy!  Planter can hang with rope, or sit on it's base.  

 Available in 3 different sizes.  

Large: 25" tall (Holds 5" wide pot in the centre) $27.99

Medium: 19" tall (Holds 3.5" wide pot in the centre)$22.99

Small: 13" tall (Holds a 2.5" wide pot in the centre) $19.99

Assembly Instructions - Included in Photos

Available from 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood OR 1/2" MDF.