Highland Cow Sitter - Interchangeable




This sweet Highland Cow Sitter will be a fun whimsical addition to your decor!  Complete with 4 Seasonal Interchangeable pieces (and other accent packages soon to follow), we know you will have a fun time painting and displaying this piece!  Each cow is sized approximately 12” wide by 16” tall  

Each Highland Cow includes:  

- Base
- Main Backer with Carved Lines
- Hair
- Chest/Snout with laser marked Smiles/Nose
- Tail Poof
- Hooves
- 4 Interchangeable Pieces - Laser Cut.  Trees, Pumpkin with Leaf, Watermelon, Tulip with Petal. 

Designs are entirely unfinished, ready for you to finish and assemble.  Hanging hardware, paints, stains, glues are not included.  Colours shown are suggestions only.  Design is unfinished.